We have an up to date range of Diagnostic equipment.The technician of today is faced with increasing technology and complexity every time he repairs or services a customer's car.It's not unusual today to find even a mid range car with around 15 computers or controllers, these computers control Engine, ABS, Traction Control, Climate Control, Instrument Cluster and many more. Our well-equipped workshop is able to instill customer confidence by using the most up to date diagnostic equipment available today.

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What is a diagnostics check?When car warning lights illuminate on your dashboard, an engine diagnostics check can help identify the problem before more serious damage occurs.

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Diagnostics are the car’s computer system where faults and problems are logged, each one with a different code. Using a software programme, AVC Motors can run a vehicle diagnostics test and read the car’s codes that highlight any issues the car might be having, for example with the oil or the petrol tank. Having easy access to these codes through a car diagnostics check allows a garage to see quickly where problems are which saves customers time and money.We have invested in state-of-the-art main dealer level diagnostics tools to make sure that we can diagnose the fault with your car correctly the first time.

We are often asked by our customers what is a vehicle diagnostics check? Often the first time you will be aware of your car’s diagnostics is when the EMU light comes on, the Engine Management Light. Most people panic when they see this and worry that it is going to mean an expensive garage visit, at AVC Motors we try to ensure that is not the case.

The combination of top quality equipment, technical information and highly trained staff allow us to diagnose and repair vehicle faults that other workshops struggle with. We can’t claim however, to have access to every piece of the vehicle manufactures technical information, diagnose every type of vehicle fault or program every manufactures control units, for the majority of vehicle owners we will have the technical information, the correct diagnostic tools and a qualified technician to enable us to accurately diagnose and repair  your vehicles faults.