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Cambelt & timing Chain Replacement

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If you are not aware of the repair history of your vehicle it would be wise to err on the side of caution and replace the timing belt/cambelt at the next service.If changing the water pump you might consider replacing the timing belt/cambelt at the same time as this will save on labour costs and prevent having to change the pump again at a later date.In the event that your vehicle is leaking any type of fluid that could cause the timing belt/cambelt to degrade it would be best to disregard the suggested replacement schedule and replace the timing belt/cambelt a.s.a.p. at the same time as repairing the leak.

Timing Belts - Cambelts

A cambelt, or timing belt as it is also known, is one of the hardest working parts of your engine and ensures the correct synchronisation of an engine's internal mechanical rotating parts.
What should it be checked and replaced periodically?
The belt revolves at 1000s of revolutions per minute, withstanding extreme mechanical and thermal stresses, so replacing the belt and tensioners at the scheduled intervals is essential maintenance. Without this maintenance, the belt can go slack, making it snap or jump and therefore cause severe damage to the engine.

Your timing belt Synchronizes the movement of the pistons and valves inside your engine. If it breaks or snaps, your engine could be severely damaged.

Cam Belt Kit

Cambelt Replacement

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Cam Belt Kit

When performing a timing belt replacement, experts recommend replacing all the parts in the system, including the water pump, to avoid individual component failure and additional maintenance costs.

Timing Chain Replacement

Timing Chain Replacement

More and more cars are being equipped with modern chain technology. They last significantly longer than the belts, consume less energy and space in the engine and are usually fitted on more complex V6 and V8 engines as well as the latest downsized 3-4 cylinder engines.

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