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Worn brakes take longer to stop your vehicle and incorrectly adjusted or poorly serviced braking systems can cause increased fuel consumption.
At AVC Motors we specialize and carry out all types of brake work. We can fit anything from a set of brake pads up to a complete overhaul of your braking system including ABS.
All our work is fully guaranteed and only top quality parts from reputable manufacturers are used.
We always check the efficiency and quality of our brake repairs with our in house Rolling Road which measures the braking efficiency of each wheel.
Some garages do not have this facility and so may not be able to guarantee that your brakes are up to certain standards, for example the MOT test.

We think it's fair to say that brakes are a pretty integral part of any car! This is why keeping your brakes in tip-top condition is so important, yet it's something we easily overlook until we slowly start to notice that they're just not as sharp as they once were.

Brake Repairs

disc & pads

ABS Repairs

ABS Warning Light

If your ABS light comes on individually, you are safe to drive your car to your destination, as your normal brakes will still work. You will, of course, have to be more careful as your ABS will not respond in case of emergency. You should book your car in aa soon as possible so that we can run diagnostic tests to identify the cause(s) of the anti-lock brakes warning light.

quality Parts

Master Cylinder Brakes

Issues with brake cylinders, pads, shoes, pipes, calipers and disks – as well as a whole host of other brake components – can be expertly assessed by our mechanics. We will ensure that excellent quality brakes, including replacement brake pads and disks, are fitted to your vehicle.