Welcome to AVC Motors

AVC Motors Ltd is a well established family run business with over 38 years of experience.  We have well equipped modern workshops and are situated in Pony Road, off Horspath Road, Cowley, OX2 4RD..

ABS Control Modules repaired

If your vehicle is registered in the UK and is over three years of age then it will be due for an MOT test. We are authorized to carry out MOT Tests on cars, light vans & motorcycles. Some vehicles will need a little extra work to help them through the MOT process; we can complete all necessary work.

Brake repairs

We cover a wide range of services for all makes and models of cars and light commercials. We have a team of experienced technicians and are an independent family business

front brake discs and pads

We provide fixed price fitted brake replacement and brake repairs.

Modern Workshop

We have well equipped modern workshops and are situated in Pony Road,

Brake Calipers

Sometimes brake caliper sticking is caused by the piston. ... This boot is easily torn when retracting the piston back into the caliper while replacing the brake pads. If it gets torn, then rust and other debris can build up inside the caliper and cause the piston to not slide smoothly.

Brake aBS Faults

The most common ABS problems occur when sensors become contaminated with debris or metal shavings. Malfunctions also occur when sensor wiring becomes damaged, resulting in intermittent or no continuity

Need Brakes for your car or van?

Then pop along to Souths Garage Services for a free check. We provide services for all makes and models.

Brake Repairs & Replacement

We offer a comprehensive brake repair and replacement service. We will assess the performance of your brakes and make appropriate recommendations for the safety for you


Worn brakes take longer to stop your vehicle and incorrectly adjusted or poorly serviced braking systems can cause increased fuel consumption.
At AVC Motors we specialize and carry out all types of brake work. We can fit anything from a set of brake pads up to a complete overhaul of your braking system including ABS.
All our work is fully guaranteed and only top quality parts from reputable manufacturers are used.
We always check the efficiency and quality of our brake repairs with our in house Rolling Road which measures the braking efficiency of each wheel.
Some garages do not have this facility and so may not be able to guarantee that your brakes are up to certain standards, for example the MOT test.

Brake Assessment

  • Noise – Have you noticed any high-pitched noise coming from your car’s brakes whenever you apply them? It is happening because of worn out brake pads.
  • Vibration – If you can feel vibrations whenever you apply the brakes, bring your carimmediately to our workshop. Unusual vibrations indicate a misaligned brakingsystem, a significant safety issue when you are driving.
  • Warning lights – If brakes are malfunctioning, the ABS warning light will be ‘on’ inside the gauge cluster.
  • Leak – Another scary indication is brake fluid leakage inside its housing. Leaking brakes are dangerous; if you apply the brakes really hard, it might cause a sudden rupture, rendering the system completely useless. In busy streets of the UK,this can cause an accident.

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